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  • In 2012 Swatch Group gross sales CHF 8 143 million: a billion more than the previous year

    12 January 2013

    In 2012, the Swatch Group generated gross sales of CHF 8 143 million and, as a result, exceeded the previous year's gross sales by a billion or +14.0%.
    Again in 2012, the strong Group brands performed convincingly in all regions and price segments, notably outside Greater China as well, and realized further conspicuous growth in market share. As a result, gross sales in the Watches & Jewelry segment increased by +15.6% to CHF 7 297 million.
    In the Production segment, capacity was again adapted and expanded, resulting in improved performance. This led to an increase in gross sales of +10.1% to CHF 2 218 million. Existing bottlenecks were further reduced in 2012.
    The Electronics Systems segment is still exposed to a combination of strong price pressure and adverse exchange rates. As a result, gross sales of CHF 311 million decreased by –7.4% compared to the previous year.
    Group Management expects good results for 2012 at operating profit and net income level.
    The brands report a good start in the new year, and healthy growth is again expected in 2013 for Swatch Group sales.
    The Group's key figures will be published at the latest on 21 February 2013. Publication of the annual report at a media and analysts' conference on 28 February 2013 is planned.
    Source: Swatch Group
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